This is the site of the project
"Meynis", what will be a compilation
of some ideas for a new kind
of online games.
This is NOT announcing a new game.
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Why this page

... this page? Some years ago i saw a friend playing a MMO, and for the next years we played together. Running around in a virtual world with friends was a very new experience.
But what was the challenge? Keeping an eye on status points and finding adequate monsters - should that be the main sense? After some years i felt no longer at home in Everquest II.

Want some flashback? See my EQ2-Documentation.

Everquest II
OK, there was a non-violent branch in the game. But all of those who want to do some crafting had to go in the basement - where the only challenge was endless patience and persistancy (including the same music ever...). This could be made much better.

Take a look on "Objects" and "Instances".
Harpiya finally reached Level 80!
So, after a while the "making of" caught my interest. How to make those fascinating worlds?
Soon i took a deep glimpse in terrain-editors, 3D-editors and game-engines. Most of them failed my demands.
But at least i found DeleD
(what is fantastic), and Torque3D (what maybe not my last choice; too much errors in the world-editor).

See my way through the early times and up to actual state.
Everquest II
when you are a programmer with some experience in 3D-game-programming and like the idea of making a less violent game - please click on contact.
Also welcome to build a team are storytellers and crafting experts. Only many talents together have a chance.